Joanna's Blog

"What comes in the future, and what comes in the next year?

The first, foremost topic is about interoperability. The landscape in the last five years has exploded — literally exploded. If you look at how the internet has developed, we had VPNs in the nineties and then the bubble boom and the way the internet became popular. Today, some companies are still using VPNs, while others are using the internet, and you don’t really see the difference. And this is how we see private and public blockchains working together. So, there is no debate: Public blockchains will prevail, and private blockchains will prevail. And this interoperability topic is really in the market, but a tremendous amount of work needs to be done. This is what companies and solutions will be coming up with in the next five years.

The second topic is about how we integrate with other technologies, as blockchain is just a back-end technology — or a technology kind of behind the curtain. That’s why it’s super important. At the same time, it’s super strategic because it involves multiple companies, but it’s still a technology that is a backbone. And it’s not that just because you have blockchain, it solves everything in your company. So, I think companies need to understand how to integrate it as a form of digital transformation. What we need to do is examine how these technologies will integrate with the existing landscape. This is a major, major topic. Without it, nothing will work. It is indeed a topic that we need to address.

The third futuristic topic is one of my favorite topics. It’s around governance: blockchain governance, but also supply chain governance. This addresses the question of how we manage the supply chain stakeholders involved in the ecosystem. This too goes hand in hand and is something we also need to develop.

And the fourth topic is all around the business model because ultimately, companies forget that we need to make money out of it and also save money. Sometimes, blockchain solutions don’t fly because they’re not able to do that. Like, how do we enable paperless business models? And how do we make revenue out of it? If we are making revenue, how do we share that with our different partners?

I think these are the major topics that will be key in the development of the blockchain ecosystem in the next five years and will help blockchain to reach the next level. This tech will, step by step, reach the level of mass adoption, and incorporating it is a smart strategy that will allow companies to be front-runners in the digital economy and the future of the business world."